Rebooting the energy sector

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Welcome to N.L. Projects, we are an independent project management company
specializing in innovative renewable energy projects as well energy storage and management systems.

Who Are We?

Established in 2007 in The Netherlands, we are a growing player in the global green energy ecosystem, carrying out major projects with the ultimate aim of building a safe, clean and effective energy infrastructure for future generations.

In addition, we carry out green infrastructure and building projects in the urban, commercial and education sectors utilizing energy-efficient building methodologies and recycled and reclaimed construction materials.

We offer a comprehensive service from concept to execution and handover, with an uncompromising focus on quality, reliability, and all within the client's budgetary constraints and on schedule. When you work with N.L. Projects you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. We offer you the benefits of our team's professionalism, experience, creativity, attention to detail, as well as a close professional rapport with each client.


N.L. Projects' CEO is a mechanical engineer with over 15 years of project design, planning and management under his belt. Our team shares his vision of an uncompromising dedication to professional excellence and to a clean future with a thriving sustainable energy sector.

Our team members hail from leading positions in their respective fields and together offer our clients with the fruits of decades of accumulated experience. Team members include project managers, planners, engineers, HR managers, infrastructure and renewable energy professionals. We work with an international network of professional associates and partners, enabling us to provide our valued clients with a truly global reach.


Renewable energy infrastructure project management

Innovative energy management solutions

Green construction solutions

Introducing a renewable future to the present