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The global energy sector faces major changes that are overturning long- established industry practices. These changes include and increasingly fossil-free energy production infrastructure, a decentralized power grid, localized power management systems and a host of additional innovations that are nothing less than revolutionary.

At N.L. Projects we envisage that the coming decade will see more and more fossil fuel-based power production facilities taken off-grid as more efficient sustainable powerplants are developed and go online, at the same time power storage solutions will enable stable power allocation even during production downtime.

There are a number of developments currently being developed,
or are making a headway in the renewable energy field that we feel are worth pursuing, these include:



At N.L. Projects we plan and carry out green infrastructure and construction projects with a focus on reducing carbon emissions, energy efficiency and using recycled and reclaimed materials. Too much demolition waste gets thrown into landfill sites without any form of sorting or reclamation, we believe that this situation must be rectified. Almost every building material can be recycled or reclaimed and repurposed, and landfill should only be used as a last resort.

N.L. Projects embraces and implements a carbon neutral building methodology as much as possible in all of our construction projects, these features include:


Solar farms

N.L. Projects has a great deal of experience in the solar energy field, having been involved in various stages of a number of solar energy production facility projects in recent years. We are currently working on a large-scale solar farm in Asia.

Our remit includes planning, supervising, on-site management, budgetary monitoring, coordinating with contractors, as well as monitoring progress and presenting progress reports.

Green university campus

N.L. Projects is currently in advanced stages of a regional university campus construction project in Eastern Europe. This project benefits from our wealth of experience working on educational facility construction projects and incorporates a wide range of environmentally friendly features, for instance reclaimed building materials such as hardwood floors, brickwork and other fixtures, rainwater and graywater collection, purification and utilization, advanced lighting management systems, photovoltaic solar windows and roof panels, green roofing, as well as smart energy management systems.

Our hallmark attention to detail and excellence while adhering to the client's budgetary and timescale restraints is implemented to the fullest in this complex project, and we are projected to hand over the completed campus before the next academic year.

Commercial centers

N.L. Projects is managing a number of construction projects in the commercial and retail sectors in Europe and Asia. These projects incorporate such green features as solar panels, smart lighting, recycled building materials and fixtures, and more. Our commercial projects range in scale from small local shopping and office buildings to large-scale multi-unit commercial centers, incorporating mixed density retail and office accommodation.

We coordinate and manage the construction process of the buildings, in addition we plan and manage infrastructure integration in the buildings and in the complex as a whole, in particular we plan pedestrian and road traffic interaction, making every effort to incorporate access to public transport in order to reduce private vehicle usage.